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Integrated Water Resources Management Seminar, October 15-20, 2001.
The objectives of the seminar were jointly coordinated with the objectives of the project "Integrated water resources management in Fergana Valley". The project jointly funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and comprises of two phases: inception phase and implementation phase.

SIC ICWC gathered all project relevant people from three countries, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, where the project is implemented to introduce them with the principles of Integrated water resources management and effective management of transboundary waters. Participants of the workshop included representatives from regional and district level water management personnel. Challenges faced by Central Asian countries in their struggle for economic and social development are increasingly related to water. New border situation after the break-up of the Soviet Union and continuous water drought periods are among the problems that require greater attention and actions. The necessity of structural transformation in water use and management is caused by the fact that in agriculture management has changed from traditional large collective farms to a multitude of small farmers and dehkan farms.

Central Asian countries realize that integrated water resources management can assist countries in their endeavor to deal with water issues in a cost effective and sustainable way. In order to be able to work together towards a common objective, there a clear need for a common understanding among those involved of what is meant by IWRM.

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