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McGill University McGill is an international university whose main language of instruction is English. It is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, McGill's 22 faculties and professional schools offer over 300 programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

The Brace Center for Water Resources Management is a multi-disciplinary and advanced research and training center of McGill University. The Center brings together staff from several McGill faculties, to undertake research, teaching, specialized training, and policy and strategic studies, both in Canada and internationally.

McGill is one of Canada’s most comprehensive and research intensive universities. It is a leading university with an excellent international reputation. Due to McGill’s comprehensive programs, the Brace Center for Water Resources Management can draw on the wide range of expertise and facilities available within the University. Researchers currently affiliated with the Center are drawn from the following McGill Faculties: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Science, Law, Management.
Brace Centre for water resources managementThe Center’s administrative operations are funded in part through the generosity of a bequest to McGill University by Major James Henry Brace. A Civil Engineer, Major Brace devoted much of his career to water and construction projects in the US and Canada. He dreamed that through research, a way might be found to bring large quantities of water to arid lands for food production and rural development. He was also very interested in desalination. The Center is therefore named in honor of James Henry Brace, to recognize his generosity to McGill and his vision for a better quality of life by providing water and food in rural communities.
Water resources projects have either been, or are currently being carried out in Quebec, other Canadian provinces and in countries and regions such as Egypt, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean, Central America, Zimbabwe, and Syria. The Center has developed a strong and successful reputation through project activities in the above locations. The breadth of expertise and experience accumulated by staff members over the past 30 years enhances the ability of the Center to take on new initiatives, and develop projects with partners in Canada and around the world.
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Basic Project Information and project description
1. Inception mission to review ICWC training programs, staff and facilities
2. Study tour to Canada for senior policy makers
3a. Study tour to North America for senior water managers
3b. In-country workshops and seminars for senior water managers
4. Short-term water reform courses
5. Short-term technical courses
6a. Development of self-teaching courses and regional program
6b. Regional dissemination missions
7. Training of ICWC staff and equipment procurement
8. Project Management
9. Future of the ICWC Training Center
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1. General Description
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