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Integrated Water Resources Management Workshop 3 - January 22-31, 2001
The third workshop "Integrated Water Resources Management" took place at the ICWC Training Centre, which is located at the Central Office of the BWO "Syrdarya".

The opening of the workshop was held on Monday, January 22, 2001; this was then followed by 10 days of workshop activities. The closing of the workshop was held on Wednesday, January 31, 2001; each of the workshop participants received a certificate of training at this time.

Workshop was aimed to train the middle level workers of the water resources departments of the Central Asian Republics on "Integrated water resources management". The workshop participants included representatives from each of the five Central Asian Republics, together with members of the SIC ICWC.

Workshop Activities
Between January 22 and 31, 2000, the workshop participants attended lectures on the topic of the integrated water resources management, and according to the agreed list of topics took an active part in the discussions of the regional and national water management problems, made attempts to develop practical recommendations on rational water use and protection and improvement of institutional forms of the water management at different levels, on the basis of developed methods, forms and directions of ongoing reforms in the water management system.

The workshop moderators were: A.A.Jalalov, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Republic of Uzbekistan; Prof. N.K.Kipshakbaev, Director of the Kazakh branch of SIC ICWC and A.Sh. Jayloobaev, Head of the Water Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management, Kyrgyz Rebublic. The trainees were given the workshop agenda and copies of papers to review and prepare questions for further discussions after lectures. Lectures were presented in the form of main text with use of visual aids based on the modern equipment and technologies. The video materials were used on various aspects of the water management in the world and the Aral Sea Basin, implementation of WARMAP, WUFMAS and GEF Projects. The workshop participants were trained to work with computers, they prepared their own presentations.

The participants noted that the workshop topics included a wide range of the issues of water resources management, efficient water use in various sectors of economy, particularly, in irrigated agriculture. The trainees emphasized the historical and geographical unity of Central Asian States, united by common rivers the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers of the Aral Sea Basin. They said about the necessity to develop regional cooperation, and gave a positive assessment to the measures taken in the region aimed at development of cooperation between regional organizations.

The workshop participants agreed with the necessity to introduce the hydrographic principle of water management, clearly identify management functions, tasks and responsibilities of management bodies at all levels. It was also noted that the general public should be involved in the water management process, with redestribution of some functions and responsibilities. In this connection the positive tendency of establishing new democratic management forms (Water Users' Associations) was mentioned. In some countries of the region the agricultural reforms were performed outside the water management system, and establishment of Water Users' Associations was a forced measure in response to the agricultural reforms. In this connection it was recognized important to perform reforms systematically, and within the governmental program, with the governmental economic and social support.

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